A little about Me, my story and how SolefulYin came to be.

Kymberli Roberts is a Registered Reflexologist, Yin Yoga Teacher and Trainer. Kymberli is the founder of SolefulYin, an unique blend of Reflexology and Yin Yoga that helps people release the emotional dis-ease they are carrying in their organs, meridian system and bodies and return to a place of optimal health, happiness and love .

Kymberli will help you fall in love with the practice of Yin Yoga and Reflexology.  Whether you are looking to release what no longer serves you, shift from a place of fear in body and mind to a place of love, Kymberli is here to guide you!


Kymberli’s Journey Back to Her SELF….

Over 17 years ago, Kymberli stepped onto a yoga mat with the hoping that it would heal the physical imbalances in her body. After many years of chronic illness and insomnia and with no solutions insight nor any explanations from her doctors regarding her illness, Kymberli needed another way to bring balance. The practice of Yoga helped on many levels, however, there was still something missing. She continued with her Yoga practice knowing that eventually what she really needed would surface. Eight years later, it did…YIN YOGA AND THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

From the very first Yin Yoga class, Kymberli knew that there was something more powerful to the practice then the physical stretch to her connective tissues, ligaments and joints. The practice brought her a sense of wellbeing on a level that she didn’t quite understand at the time. She continued with the practice, incorporating it everyday and began to notice changes on an emotional level. As she would stimulate specific areas of her body, she began to experience emotional releases that led her to explore this style of yoga more deeply.

With this new found understanding, Kymberli embarked on the journey to study Yin Yoga in more depth. She studied with many well known teachers such as Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley and Bernie Clarke; all masters of Yin Yoga. During one of her training sessions with Sarah Powers, it became very clear the effect of the Yin practice on her emotional/mental bodies and her overall health. She finally understood that Yin Yoga had the ability to bring healing to the Meridian system, to the organs and most importantly her emotional state. She was less interested in the physical stretch to the tissues and muscles. Kymberli eventually went on to teaching Yin Yoga as to educate other students on its benefits.

Finding Reflexology was simply an extension of her learnings of Yin Yoga. Understanding that Reflexology offered the same benefits and worked in the same manner as Yin Yoga, she studied Reflexology and is honoured to be a Reflexologist, (titled officially as a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist) under the Reflexology Association of Canada.

With the knowledge of Reflexology and Yin Yoga, Kymberli made an interesting discovery during one of her practices. She was massaging a particular reflex point on her foot that was associated to one of her major digestive organs as she entered the Yin pose and noticed a shift happening in her body. The sensations from the affected meridian line were stronger, more vibrant and she felt an enhanced release of emotion and tension from that organ.

Kymberli’s experience of blending Yin Yoga with Reflexology led to a profound transformation in the her emotional health, her organs and having experienced it first hand, needed to share this with her community of students and clients. She created her own business “Soleful Yin“….a blend of Reflexology and Yin Yoga that breaks down the emotional barriers and baggage that we carry in our bodies. This blend assists people in returning back to a state of optimal health and to their true essence of love and happiness.

Kymberli runs a home-based business, located in the Kanata area, only a few minutes away from downtown Ottawa. Available services include Reflexology treatments and private Yin Yoga classes. Her Yin Yoga workshops and trainings are offered throughout the Ottawa area.  Kymberli also works at  the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre offering Reflexology and Reiki services. Visit the REFLEXOLOGY and YIN YOGA pages for more information on her offerings and her BLOG for more on her personal transformation back to love, happiness and peace.