Break down the blocks that hold you back from being healthy and happy in body, mind and soul.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You have lost that connection to your SELF, to your body, your mind and your soul.  You know that you are physically unwell but you aren’t sure how and why that is happened. Maybe you’ve even come to realize that you have emotional blockages and that it has affected you in some way but aren’t sure how to break down those blocks.

You are someone who is and has been struggling with obtaining good health. Your organs don’t function the way they should, your sleep is poor, and you are so exhausted all the time that you don’t feel like getting on a Yoga mat to practice, even though you know you would benefit deeply from practicing. Your body and mind are beginning to feel the effects of poor health and you are no longer living the lifestyle you desire. Your body is giving you clues that it is unwell, your mind is taking you into dark places you don’t want to be in and you are listening but you don’t know how to respond. IS THIS RINGING A BELL?

You’ve maybe heard about Yin Yoga and how it can increase your flexibility, range of motion and provide more suppleness to your ligaments and joints, but you’re not sure what it can do for the rest of you, especially your mind and more importantly the emotional dis-eases that are stored within you. You are curious about this style of Yoga, maybe even a little intimidated to practice it in a public yoga class because you aren’t sure how your mind and body will respond.  You are ready to break down the barriers and return back to a place of peace and harmony.  You want tangible results, you want to feel like this style of Yoga is making a difference in all aspects of your life. If you’re going to practice Yin Yoga, you want the right type of teacher who makes it as accessible as possible, knows and understands how this style of Yoga affects the body and mind and tailors the practice to your specific needs and challenges.



Kymberli teaches Yin Yoga in a way that other yoga teachers aren’t. Her philosophy on Yin Yoga is to help students break down the layers of emotional dis-ease that has manifested into physical disease in the organs and the meridian system of the body and to create a life that’s worth living. Her approach to teaching Yin Yoga is particularly distinctive and unique. Her focus is to educate students on how potent this practice can be on the emotional and mental bodies. She strives to create balance,peace and love in her students’ bodies and mind so they can enjoy optimal health, be free of emotional baggage and to enJOY every moment of every day from a place of LOVE.  This is what she calls YINWARD YOGA.

Kymberli has studied with many Yin Yoga masters including Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley and Bernie Clarke. She has completed an 80 hour Yin Yoga training program, in addition to a 200 Hour Hatha Teacher certification. She continues to deepen her teachings and practice of Yin Yoga, as she feels that Yin Yoga is a multifaceted and complex style of Yoga practice. She considers Sarah Powers her teacher, her guru and truly believes in Sarah’s philosophy of teaching Yin Yoga from the organ health and meridian system aspect, which all stems from Eastern Chinese Medicine teachings.

Kymberli offers private one-on-one Yin Yoga sessions in the comfort of her own home yoga studio.


Your Investment Options:
Single 75 minute Yin Yoga session: $80.00
Package of 3 sessions: $230.00
Package of 6 sessions: $460.00
Package of 9 sessions: $690.00
Package of 12 sessions: $925.00

To obtain the maximum results and optimal transformation in your health, a package program is recommended.

Private Yin Packages

What Students Are Saying…

LOVED my private Yin Yoga sessions with Kym!!! She was able to teach me things about my body and what I have been holding on to in a way that worked for me. The poses were geared and tailored especially for me which I loved. I had homework to do after every session…that was to practice Yin!! She explained the modifications clearly and when I got into the poses, she guided me into those sticky and dark places where I had been holding on to my “stuff”. Over the course of about 10 sessions, I felt a shift in my mindset. My fears were banishing and I was feeling happier and healthier. Kymberli is a GREAT Yin Yoga teacher. Highly recommend her to help you clear out your stuff!!!

When I came to see Kymberli, I wasn’t sure what I needed in terms of therapy. I just knew I needed to release things in my body. Kymberli recommended we start with Yin Yoga. I signed up for 6 sessions. Each week, we would focus on only 1 Yin Yoga pose. Kymberli would have me do it, then rest, then do it again, then rest. Each time I did the same pose, I felt like I was shedding off a layer of myself, but a good layer that needed to go. I love her way of teaching. It’s so simple, yet it’s so powerful.

Truly a remarkable experience. I released so much baggage I didn’t even know I had in my body. The added bonus was that my body became so much lighter, flexible and my sleep even improved!!