Your body is always communicating with you. It is whether we are listening or not is the challenge. When we encounter imbalance/injury or emotional dis-ease in the body, mind and soul and we don’t listen, our body creates further imbalance and the overall quality of our health deteriorates.  That cycle continues until we do something to address it. The physical body merely responds to these imbalances created and then sounds a warning of the need to return to the way of proper balance, to its point of homeostasis. The place where the body thrives, not survives. Many do not listen to that warning and are left depleted and imbalanced and full of blockages. These blockages keep us “STUCK” in a state where we are unable to move forward with our life purpose.

Your healing journey begins with you. You CAN return back to a place where you are healthy, happy and in balance. Reflexology is a POWERFUL therapy that breaks down the barriers, gets to the root cause of your imbalance/disease and connects your emotional and mental being to your physical being. An ancient modality designed to remove the painful blockages that lie in the emotional, mental and physical bodies. Once the blockages are removed, we experience a more vibrant way of living. Ultimately, back to a life of great health and balance. We all are deserving of a vibrant life, full of purpose! If you are willing to explore the journey of healing, I’m here to guide you…



Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, and ears, which correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves symptoms of tension, improves circulation, and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body. It creates proper balance, structure and stability in the feet. Reflexology reconnects you to your body and your mind. It breaks down physical diseases created and brings you back to balance, harmony and peace. Reflexology has been successfully applied from babies a few hours old, to seniors aged over 100. Reflexology is a truly remarkable, non-invasive treatment for everyone who wants to return to good health and happiness or if already enjoying optimum health, to maintain it. REFLEXOLOGY IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A FOOT MASSAGE. This modality is a gateway to removing the emotional, mental and physical blockages that are preventing you from living a life of purpose and meaning. 

Treatments are available in  75, 90, 120 or 150 minutes, depending on your needs, time and budget. Please see below my list of services and approach to your healing journey. Health insurance receipts are available to those who have coverage under their health insurance plan.

What are some of the benefits of Reflexology?

  • Gets to the root cause of disease and realigns us back to balance
  • Removes painful blockages in the emotional, mental and physical bodies that prevent us from truly living
  • Promotes relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction
  • Improves overall circulation in both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
  • Helps the body to heal itself naturally without adverse side effects
  • Provides preventative health care
  • Creates proper stability, structure and flexibility in the feet, ankles and legs
  • Relieves physical tension in the body and the feet
  • Addresses sports related injuries, imbalances and foot related issues

Who can benefit from Reflexology?

  • Anyone who is experiencing blockages in the emotional, mental and physical bodies
  • Anyone who is suffering from poor organ health
  • Anyone with stress and/or anxiety
  • Senior Citizens
  • Children
  • Active people looking to maintain good health
  • Anyone with foot pain
  • Those with Plantar Fasciatis and/or Heel spurs
  • Sports enthusiasts, pro-athletes and marathon runners
  • People who are on their feet all day
  • People dealing with chronic health conditions such as digestive, cardiovascular or lymphatic
  • Anyone who wants to relax, feel nourished and balanced!!!

LOCATION: SolefulYin ~ Kanata:

Appointments are available at SolefulYin, a home based treatment centre located in the Kanata area. Appointments can be made using our convenient  ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM. SolefulYin accepts cash, Visa or Mastercard as payment for services. Please note that 24 hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise full payment of service is applied.


SolefulYin Classic Reflexology Treatment- 60 minutes – $80.00

A classic 60 minute foot reflexology treatment consisting of review of Health History and treatment focusing on areas of imbalance. A must for maintaining good health in body, mind and soles.

SolefulYin Replenishing Reflexology Treatment – 75 minutes – $90.00

This treatment is designed to work on all levels to create balance and harmony in the body, mind and soles. In this 75 minutes, you’ll enjoy a customized foot soak with essential oils, epsom and healing himalayan sea salts, with Foot Reflexology treatment. Treatment includes an option for 15 minutes of Reiki or more time on the feet.

SolefulYin Bath In Luxury Reflexology Treatment – 75 minutes – $100.00

A 90 minute Foot Reflexology treatment including review of health, nourishing foot soak with essential oils and treatment of the soles.Spoil yourself in the luxury of all things feet.

SolefulYin Overhaul of the Body, Mind and Soles Treatment- 90 minutes – $130.00

Are you feeling like the tank is half empty, depleted and you need extra self care? This treatment is perfect for those with chronic imbalances and who are looking to dedicate the time to working through the imbalances that are lying in the physical, emotional, and mental body, mind and soles.

Includes an overview of the blockages that are preventing balance, an essential foot soak with a custom blend of essential oils, himalayan sea salts and epsom salts, Reflexology treatment and healing Reiki energy with use of crystals and deep breathe work. Treatment may include work on the hands and the head.

SolefulYin Recharge & Restore Treatment – 120 minutes – $160.00

This treatment is for those in need of recharging and releasing through deep energy work in the body, mind and the soles. Treatment is 120 minutes in length, includes both Reiki session and Reflexology treatment, a review of the physical, emotional and mental blockages that are preventing balance. The session is paired with a custom blend of essential oils, crystals and nourishing foot soak. Treatment may include work on hands and the head.

SolefulYin Nourish, Release & Balance Treatment – 150 minutes –  $180.00

Ready to take your healing journey to the next level? Are you in need of releasing deep blockages in your body, mind and soles? Then this treatment is exactly what you deserve and need.

Treatment includes a nourishing foot soak, custom essential oil blend, crystals, assessment of the physical, emotional and mental blockages in the body, mind and soles that are preventing balance. The combination of Reflexology and Reiki work will help to dissolve your deep blockages and bring balance back to you. Treatment may include work on hands and the head.


What People Are Saying

Having had many Reflexology treatments over the years, I knew what to expect when I came to see Kymberli. What I expected and what I received was completely different. My experience with Kymberli was truly remarkable in every way, in my body, my mind and my heart. I felt relaxed, at ease and a sense of lightness after my treatment. That conscious state of bliss lingered for 2 days post treatment. My main focus for the treatment was to relax my anxieties around fear and Kymberli was able to tap into that fear and she guided me to a place in my body where I felt the fear and I was able to feel it and I was able to release some of it. That was in my first session!!! I continue to see Kymberli on a weekly basis and with each treatment, I feel stronger in my confidence, more peaceful in my mind and the fears I have been holding on to all these years are releasing. Kymberli’s touch and technique far extends beyond a traditional Reflexologist. I highly recommend seeing her!!!